Informatics’ Research Laboratory

The Informatcs’ Research Laboratory has been hosting the Kastoria Linux Society since 2011 and the IEEE Student Branch of the Computer Engineering Department of the TEI of Western Macedonia in Kastoria since 2012 and is located next to the technicians in the lab building.

In the research lab you can find the most popular Linux Operating Systems installed on computers like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, Kali Linux, openSUSE and Arch where anyone who wants to use them and try them out to choose what to do it interests him. In addition, there are various interfaces installed for the student to come in contact with, as well as all the basic applications that the average user needs as well as applications for our school curriculum.

The lab enables you to use the Ubuntu Server we have installed where you can try to experiment with various server applications such as Samba Server, LAMP (Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP), Joomla, WordPress, Owncloud and Drupal.

In addition to the six distros with Linux Distros in the Research Lab, there is also a 5 person work space for those who come with their laptop computers, a space with information technology about Technology, IEEE and Linux and finally a place for Hardware related work.