Internship for students of the Technical University of Crete

From:Central Practice Office of the Technical University of Crete

Responsible:Ms Niki Banani, Tel: 28210 37452,

Subject: Practical Training of Students of the Technical University of Crete in 2018

Chania, 21/03/2018

Ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to inform you that the Program “Practical Training of Students of the Technical University of Crete” continues in 2018. The program is implemented under the NSRF program 2014-2020.

This year, taking into account the request of many institutions and students for longer practical training and having secured the necessary additional resources, the duration of the internship for three of the five faculties of the Technical University of Crete increased to two months. Specifically, the duration of the internship was as follows:

Mineral Resources Engineering


1 Month 8-hour exercise,

5 days a week,


Depending on the requirements of the business

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) 1 Month
Production Engineering and Management (PEM) 2 Months
Environmental Engineering (EE) 2 Months
Architectural Engineering (AE) 2 Months


It should be noticed that the exercise interval must be continuous, while the exercise must be 8 hours per day and 5 days per week, with adaptation to the needs of the company. In theory, the internship can begin immediately (if some procedures are completed), and the last day of student participation in the program for the current cycle is 31/10/2018. Realistically, considering the length of the procedures to be preceded, it is estimated that at the earliest that a student’s practical training could begin is May 2018.

The students of the institution will soon be invited to express their interest in participating in the program and in this process it is good to have several seats on the ATLANTA platform. Therefore, we would also like to ask you to give students of the Technical University of Crete the opportunity to acquire a small but important professional experience.

Please, therefore, offer internships for the students of the Technical University of Crete to the ATLAS Information System as soon as possible and ideally before March 31, so that there will be a sufficient number of positions during the call for expressions of interest that will follow to the students. If you already have seats in ATLANTA, please update it. The old posts (from October 2017 and before) are recommended to withdraw and new posts to be created (or “cloned” according to ATLANTA terminology). This makes it easier to locate the positions you say interested students.

The Practice Exercise website of the Polytechnic University of Crete has been enriched with useful information on procedures, posting at ATLANTA, the necessary supporting documents, etc. You can visit it in the following link, and you can also call the Office of Practice for more information.

It is noted that students are encouraged to contact the institution providing a place of interest to them so that they are clear about the subject matter and any additional qualifications required. However, the final pairing of student bodies is the responsibility of the Practice Exercise Office under the approval of the professors designated as scientific officers per faculty and overall for the institution.

In any case, the Office communicates with the organization (by e-mail or telephone) before the final assignment of a student to a post for final confirmation of all his / her employment parameters (work subject, duration, school, student, etc.).

For any clarification on the internship, you can contact Mrs. Niki Banani, a member of the Office of Practice Exercise of the Technical University of Crete at 28210 37452.


Office of Practice Exercise of the Technical University of Crete

Building MICHOP (Ground Floor), tel: 28210 37452, e-mail:

Banani Nikoleta (Niki), External Affiliate (


The program “Practical Exercise of Higher Education of the Technical University of Crete with the implementation body of the Technical University of Crete is part of the Operational Program” Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning “2014-2020, Priority Axes 7,8″ Practical Training of Higher Education ” and co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and National Resources. The funding body is the Special Management Office of OP. Development of Human Resources, Education and Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism. Founder of Practice at the Technical University of Crete: Professor Nikos Kallithrakas-Kontos.