Informational event for the 1st Panhellenic Competition of Educational Robotics & Physical Computing of Open Technologies at the facilities of the TEI of Western Macedonia in Kastoria

The Organizing Committee of the Region of Western Macedonia held an information event for the Robotic Competition at Auditorium 2 of the Western Macedonia Technological Educational Institute in Kastoria on Wednesday, October 10 at 17:00, with the coordinator of the event Mr. Angelos Michalas, Professor of the Department of Informatics Engineering of the TEI of Western Macedonia. The event was attended by 15 teachers from Kastoria, Ptolemaida and Kozani schools.

The event started with the presentation of Professor Angelos Michalas on the objectives, the themes, the proposed equipment and the phases of the competition. Then the speech was given to the teachers who discussed how to implement projects.

Following was a presentation of works realized by TEI students at the Laboratory of Telecommunications, Networks and Distributed Systems of the Department of Engineering Informatics Τ.Ε. of the TEI of Western Macedonia.

At the end of the event a workshop was held, in which teachers were asked to implement three Arduino microcontroller scenarios:

Arduino Blink: Introduction to the basic concepts of the Arduino microcontroller. Teachers connected a led to Arduino and programmed it to turn on and off with some delay. It was then expanded by making the breadboard connection.

Traffic Light: Implementation of a traffic light. The teachers connected three leds to Arduino and programmed them to represent a bright traffic light.

RGB Potentiometer: Adjust RGB Led with potentiometer. Teachers created a circuit with an RGB led and a potentiometer. They programmed it to change the color of the LED whenever the potentiometer turns.

At the end of the event, the teachers found the themes presented and motivated them to implement their own project in the classroom, always in collaboration with the pupils, but also to participate in the competition.