Women in Engineering

IEEE Women in Engineering(WiE) aims at promoting women in areas of science and mechanics. The mission of IEEE WiE is to enable the inclusion of women in technical majors globally and also to inspire young women all around the world to follow their academic interests in fields of mechanics and science.

Women in Engineering came to the family of the University of Western Macedonia and it specifically is active in the Department of Informatics of the University of Western Macedonia in Kastoria since May 2018.

The Student Branch of IEEE of the Department of Informatics of the University of Western Macedonia in Kastoria, formed the affinity group Women in Engineering in order to promote the woman in technology and science. The motivation that lead to its formation, was the increase, observed at our University, in women engineers and scientists, as well as a fairly large percentage of female professors.

Our affinity group has conducted plenty of interesting activities as well. Our first great activity was the day The Woman in the World of Technology with honored guests, professors of the Department of Informatics. Another notable activity of ours was the various workshops and presentations, that took place mainly locally. More specifically, Coffee Talks were held for our members, in which many and interesting guests attended. You can find more information about our actions here.

Finally, our goal is to continuously update our blog for Women Engineers in order to keep them informed about up-to-date technologies, to provide stimuli and activities to develop the technological and scientific background of women at the University of Western Macedonia and of Kastoria as well as to promote the goals of WiE through Workshops, seminars and Social Media.